Privacy Policy

At Broker Link, we are committed to providing excellent customer service. An essential component of this priority is ensuring the integrity of all personal information we collect, use and disclose, as applicable. We support the Model Code for the Protection of Privacy, and welcome recent federal legislation recognizing the importance of individual privacy. Below is an outline of the procedures and policies that we follow in our company to ensure that our practices protect the integrity of your personal information.

Protecting Your Personal Information

We maintain excellent security systems to safeguard the information that we collect, use and disclose. All company employees are required to affirm, in writing, their understanding of their responsibilities pursuant to the privacy policy.

We collect, use and disclose personal information for various purposes:

  • To communicate with a customer regarding a system
  • To confirm information provided by a customer
  • To detect and prevent fraud
  • To offer and provide products and services to meet customer needs
  • To analyze risk and business results
  • And as may be required or authorized by law

You may, at any time, request to examine your personal information that we retain. In very rare circumstances, we may be entitled, pursuant to the law, to deny such access.

If you wish, you may withdraw your consent at any time. However, if this is done we may not be able to continue to provide you with the service and product of your choice.

We undertake to collect, use and disclose only that information required to meet your needs appropriately and fulfill the purposes set out above.

We have appointed a Privacy Officer to oversee all aspects of this policy and encourage customers to contact this person should they have any questions or concerns.

We do not sell or otherwise market personal information to third parties.