The premier auto insurance broker management software in British Columbia

Provides agency commission reports with adjustable commission rates

Generates transaction reports

Easy user management and security options

User friendly interface and easy to use feature set

Document Processing

Work with a vast library of ICBC document types

  • Connects directly with ICBC’s data system for manual or automated data downloads.
  • Batch capability from one central location for multi-branch operations.
  • Easy to read screens with document search functions.
  • Easily adaptable to ICBC PolicyCenter system changes.
  • Documents are tracked by user specific codes.

Inventory Management

Robust inventory management and allocation features

  • No more “Screen Grabber”.
  • Connects directly to the ICBC data mainframe system.
  • Records obsolete and defective inventory.
  • Track mobile agent’s inventory allocation.
  • Track stock item movements throughout your entire operation.

Accurate Reporting

Generate clean, easy to read PDF files for storage, emailing, and printing

  • Get agency commission reports with adjustable commission rates.
  • Generate transaction reports.
  • Productivity reports for tracking producer activity and trends.
  • Renewal lists defined and sorted based on user entered criteria.
  • Streamline the renewal process using mail merge for letter, labels, and envelopes.

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Quick Setup

After you give us your ICBC Data Download ID, you can be set up in a matter of hours.

Aligned with ICBC Changes

We keep up with the latest ICBC changes and adapt autolink accordingly.

Automated Data Downloads

No need to manually download your data from ICBC. We do all that for you.

Document Management

Be able to find and manage documents. For multi-branch operations, you can even batch from one central location.

Generate a Variety of Reports

Get Productivity reports, a Coverage Summary Report, a Void documents report, a Schedule Of Vehicles report, and more.

Inventory Management

Manage your inventory. Track inventory allocation and stock item movements throughout your entire operation.

Professional Consultation

Get best practice information and training for your staff to get the most out of autolink.

View Upcoming Renewals

Filter and generate a list of upcoming renewals for you and even your producers.

Commission Reports

You can generate commission reports with adjustable commission rates.

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